2022 Snowflake Reversed Birch Ornament

2022 Snowflake Reversed Birch Ornament

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Small batch of snowflake shaped birch ornaments. Each ornament is handmade using my signature birch texture on porcelain clay, marked with the year. No two are the same.

Size: 4" tall by 4" wide

Will begin shipping October 25th. 

My name is Bryan, and I’m a ceramics artist working out of Livingston Manor, NY specializing in handmade rustic functional pottery. Drawing inspiration from nature, my work combines the inherent warmth of wood with the hard yet practical nature of ceramics.

I was introduced to ceramics through night-time classes at a community studio in Long Island City, NY as a form of therapy to balance out my then corporate career. After leaving NYC and moving upstate, I set up a small home studio and has been pursuing my dream of becoming a full-time potter, with every year moving one step closer.

Artist Statement

There is deep history in each tree, forest, and piece of wood. Trees record time, natural events, human interaction, and damage. They bend and adapt to what is placed upon them. This pliability is what has always drawn me to trees and wood. Working primarily with soft slabs, I have come to appreciate the organic nature and movement of clay, and allow the clay to adapt much like a tree to outside forces.

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To see more of my work, visit me on Instagram. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my work.

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