Pair of Gold Square Vases
Pair of Gold Square Vases

Pair of Gold Square Vases

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...and now for something completely different! A departure from my organic faux bois vases, I enjoy making these rectangular vases that have a bit more of a modern feel to them while still having the tell-tale signs of being handmade. 

Looking at the forms in the studio, I was struggling to find the right color glaze. Then it hit me to try metallics, and I do like the look. It's dark and heavy, while the pieces are thin and airy. Fill them with dried flowers, metal knitting needles, or display them as they are. Enjoy this (brief) departure from Birch Bark with me.


Vase 1: 3.25” by 1.5" wide

Vase 2:  4.5" tall by 1.5" wide

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