New Studio...?

I've been hesitant to talk much about this because I don't yet have a clear plan or timeline, but I'm in need of a new work space. As the saying goes, it's a good problem to have...but having outgrown my current studio it's still a problem. While still functional, the space is very limiting and is becoming increasingly less efficient while trying to meet deadlines and fulfill orders.
There are a few issues with my current studio.
For starters, it is small. About 6ft wide by 16ft long. The studio holds two work tables, a wheel, 4 shelving units for greenware, bisque, and finished work, a kiln as well as boxes of clay, buckets of glaze, bags of dried clay to be reconstituted, and a stool. That leaves me with maybe 18sqft of clear floor.
The space used to be a root cellar and has no natural light, while I currently work at night, this isn't a problem, but as I move towards putting in more hours, it would be nice to have windows for both daylight and airflow.
There is no running water or climate control. As for the water, I can make do. I collect rain water, melt snow, and fill buckets on occasion from the tap. As for the temp, this is a problem. In the winter I use a small space heater which can get the studio into the low 60s. In the summer, the humidity gets a bit intense and causes issues with drying work as well as mold. I run a dehumidifier but have to be careful not to dry the work too quickly.
I've been exploring options and each have their pros and cons. I've thought about renting a space, but I would like to be close to home. There are prefab sheds, which are reasonably priced, but would need to be insulated and finished off. I have even gone so far to draw up plans and price out materials to build a studio from the ground up, but do I have the time to build while also producing work to support the build? There are a number of options, and I know I will fall on the right solution for what I need and fits into my budget.
I am thrilled to have gotten to the point where I have outgrown my current space and need to expand. I'm writing about this to also express my current space has not stopped me from pursuing my career as a full-time potter. I am not letting the limitations slow me down and even if it takes a few more years before I have a larger space and all my equipment and supplies in one place, I know drive and determination is more important than having the perfect work environment. I would like the new space to be able to support my work and growth for the foreseeable future. Until I'm able to break ground on a new studio, I'll keep creating work and jotting down ideas on a wishlist of what the space would include.
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars."
–Norman Vincent Peale

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