Overcoming Boredom

"Wow, that's a lot of birch. Do you every get tired making it?"
This was once asked of me a while ago and the question has stuck around in the back of my mind. The short answer is yes. Yes, I do get tired and bored of it. But I don't let that get in my way.
While I get bored of the repetition and familiarity of what the majority of my work has consisted of these past few years, I try to find ways to change things up enough so it is interesting to me, yet probably undetectable to you. When I find myself feeling like I could close my eyes and still make a mug or vase, I change something about how it's constructed. Such as using a different tool to jar the process so it no longer feels rote.
Thinking of different shapes and vessels also helps. Without a doubt, mugs and vases are what I sell the most. Last year I made a few lamps and a clock. I'm still working out the details on both before I make more, but I also introduced berry bowls. If you haven't seen them, there's a reason, they are popular and rarely last more than a few minutes whenever I have some available. There are lots of ideas stored in my head and on paper. My process is to let the ideas determine when it's time to experiment, and not force it. I can't simply go down the list and see what comes of each idea. The time has to be right.
I have a few different textures I have been playing with as well. While none are as popular, working with reclaimed lumber and firewood gives me a needed rest from the white birch. I know my work is going to continue to evolve. I've only been working with the birch texture for about 5 years, but I've been making pottery for longer. I don't know what is next or what I'll be creating in a year or two. Not knowing what's to come, and letting the process slowly evolve, is enough to fight off any short-lasting boredom.

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