The 5 Year Plan

I used to think about where I see myself in 5 years...the age old interview question you may or may not have had to answer. I've been asked if there are artists I aspire to, and the truth is, I don't think about what I do in those terms. I don't have a goal to be featured in a magazine. I don't feel the need to develop relationships with high-end stores. And I certainly don't know what I'll be doing in 5 years. That is not to say I wouldn't appreciate being featured or picked up, but it is not part of my plan. It's not what drives me to create and not what gets me into the studio everyday.
The goals I do have are simple. I want to continue to enjoy the creative process. As my reach grows, so does the amount of time I have to spend on tedious business tasks. I want to make sure I don't start to feel like my job is a job I have to slog through. I want to ignore the outside influences as much as possible. It is important to do what I want and not try to predict what others may want. I've talked about this before and the need to stay authentic in my work and process is crucial. There are a few glazes I have used which are popular, but I don't's hard to stop using them, but it is also what feels right for me.
The last goal, which is probably the closest to a "5 year plan" is to build a larger studio, one where all my equipment is in one place and is large enough to allow visitors. I had hope to break ground on one this year, but it didn't happen....but maybe within 5 years.
There you have need for a clear-focused 5 year plan. I just want to keep doing what I love to do with the same intention I had when I began, but in a larger space.
How do you feel about planning for the future?

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  • Ted Wilcox on

    Love this message. Love what you do is such a simple desire but not many get to that point.

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