The Start of B. Cronk Ceramics

Thanks for stopping by my site. I will start with a disclaimer...I do not consider myself a writer. My words and sentence structure may not be perfect, but I thought I'd start letting you all into the background of B. Cronk Ceramics. I hope to share my thoughts, process, issues I'm dealing with, and occasionally non-ceramic happenings in my life. But first some information about me and how I became a potter.

I think it was 2006, I met someone at a knitting group who encouraged me to sign up for a ceramics class after I mentioned to him it was something I had always been interested in. I was working in corporate publishing at the time running a web development team and needed a creative outlet. The first class I took was fun and messy and I had not idea what I was doing but was instantly hooked. Over the next few years, I continued to go to the studio and play with clay. I didn't have a focus, I just enjoyed getting away from the computer and using my hands to create things. 

In 2014, David and I started looking for a weekend home. After we found one, I was determined to make my own bowls and plates. I knew I wanted something rustic as our city apartment was sleek and art deco. The first faux bois piece I made came out beautiful and someone asked to buy it. It was the first inkling I could sell my work. I continued to make the dishes for my house, and people kept asking to buy what I was making. I set up an online shop and made a few sales. It was the encouragement I needed to keep going.

A year after I bought our house, changes started happening. The rent on our apartment went through the roof. The job I had and loved changed to something less desirable. I was not going to give up the house to keep paying rent on an apartment I didn't love, so we made the decision to pack up and move full-time to the Catskills. 

The first thing I did was finish my studio and get a kiln. Maybe I could be a full-time potter! Well, that hasn't happened yet....but since moving out of the city, I've been surrounded by nature and constantly inspired to create my work. I've met amazing people in the community and have found my tribe of fellow artists and artisans. I may still be working multiple jobs to make ends meet, but the drive to be a full-time potter is still strong. Every year I get a little closer to the goal but selling online, at shops (around the country now), and at in-person markets.

I'm not independently wealthy. I'm not "living the dream." I found work I love to do and I'm fighting to make a living off it. I have no regrets about the decisions and the path I am on. It's not easy and often times scary, but it feels right. 

Thanks again for checking out my site. Follow my on Instagram or Facebook. Drop me an email if you have any questions. Thanks.


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