Winter Is Coming

This past week, morning temps dipped into the upper 30s and one day there was even a light frost. Fall has officially arrived and the end of the farming season is getting near. The change in seasons also mark a change in my routine and the work I do on a daily basis. I welcome the change, but what I don't look forward to is working in a cold studio. There are challenges with my space year round, but cold weather is certainly the most difficult.
After the last holiday market in December, I like to use the colder months when everything seems to have slowed down to get caught up by making a bunch of mugs and vases to have ready to go, and generally prepare myself for the next year. But admittedly, it's hard to motivate myself to get into the studio on the cold, dark, and windy days with temps below 20 degrees. I love having a studio so close to my backdoor, but the little space heater can barely keep up and it's hard for me to spend long stretches of time working with wet clay when the fireplace inside the house is keeping things toasty and is much more inviting.
A year ago, I started planning out a new studio, something I would build in my back yard and a building with it's own dedicated heating system! I envisioned having a room I could enter and not have to leave to roll out a slab of clay or to move pieces to the less humid basement. I was excited to get started constructing the space, unfortunately there have been a number of reasons why I haven't broken ground, and it now looks like it may be another year or two before I can get it underway.
I'm anything if not determined. I'm grateful for the space I have and realize I'm fortunate to have a home studio. I'll make do with what I have and keep planning for the future. I'll just have to get out and buy some new wool socks and get myself prepared for the cold winter production days ahead.

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