It's rarely quiet in the studio

If you have seen any of my stories on Instagram, you have seen that I usually have headphones on while in the studio. While I enjoy silence, I rarely work without some sort of noise, whether it's music, a podcast, or a show/movie.
Whenever I appear with headphones, I get a number of messages asking what I'm listening to. The truth is, most of it is background noise and I rarely recall what it was. My interest in music is very eclectic and I usually let the music app suggest songs but I will say, it has learned to suggest upbeat music you can dance to...seems to know that's what keeps me motivated and inspired. Some of the top artists I listen to are Kylie Minogue, Brandi Carlile, Miley Cyrus, Cazwell, and Brooke Candy...among others.
For podcasts, I like to listen to other artists stories and journeys. I like learning what influences and hinders others. What obstacles they have had to overcome and how they push through those challenges to follow their passion. Some of my favorites are The Artist In Me Is Dead, How I Built This with Guy Raz, The Artist Business Plan, and My Big Story with Christopher Swan (from 2018).
If I'm going to watch something, this is usually while glazing or making mugs, both of which I can do blindfolded, it's almost always the tv series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I have watched the series so many times since it first aired in 1997 (25 years ago, last month) but I still pick up new things each time. If you are a Buffy fan, you probably get why this is something I put on, if you are not, then you may be chuckling and rolling your eyes. That's fine too. All I know is I still laugh, cry, and feel like a better person after every episode.
So if you have ever wondered what I'm listening to while working, I hope that helps shed a little more light onto what goes on in my studio.

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