Kiln is Here!

Last week, my new kiln was delivered. It arrived much earlier than I expected and while I'm thrilled to have it here, I am not quite ready to set it up in the new space. For reasons such as location and access, I decided to have the kiln delivered to my house, despite its final location being 9 miles down the road. I am lucky enough to have a friend with a tractor and was able to easily move it from the road into my garage, where it will stay until I have time to carefully and safely move it down to my studio.
Kilns are heavy pieces of equipment, and thankfully made in such a way they can be taken apart, moved, and reassembled. I am a ConeArt Kiln fan, and used Alpine Kilns to order it. ConeArt has amazing customer service, and plenty of instructional videos on their site to help solve the most common issues. I know if I run into an issue, I can call Joe at Alpine Kilns for help, but being a fairly capable DIYer, I have confidence I will have no issues. Of course, having the electric set up is another issue and I won't be doing that myself! For electrical work on this scale, I will call in a pro. Another reason it will take a little while before the kiln is in service.
I don't have to much else to say right now other than I'm slowing getting back into the swing of things after my little break. I have the studio stocked with 500lbs of clay and a 350lb kiln sitting in my garage. I'm grateful to be able to grow my business and look forward to what the year brings!
By the way, not that I have two kilns in my fleet, I think they need names. Any suggestions?

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