Pushing Forward

More than a week has passed since the element in my kiln broke. I immediately ordered a new set of elements from an online ceramic shop and a single wall element directly from Tucker's Cone Art Kilns. I have to say, Tucker's customer service is nothing short of phenomenal and they have made a lifetime customer out of me. The new wall element should be in my hands tomorrow afternoon.
In the meantime, the support from other potters has been great. We are a protective bunch when it comes to our kilns. After all, it's a very expensive and necessary piece of equipment. If the repair doesn't take, I know I have a backup plan to use a nearby kiln...and it's a bigger kiln so I may be able to get away with one firing, but my hope is to be up and running and not have to cradle every single piece in bubble wrap and transport them down a bumpy country road.
This past week, I've been taking the opportunity to keep making more work. I have several custom mugs waiting to be glazed, and a restock order of 24 pieces to make. I also received a request for a four person 3-piece dinner service, in addition to two large vases. This is all while getting ready for the Rhinebeck and Berkshires Art Festivals at the end of June and beginning of July.
I am actually very stressed and my anxiety has been triggered thinking about the amount of work and having feelings of pending failure. I am grateful for my years of therapy, as I'm able to see the anxiety peeking its head out and I'm able to shut it down before it gets the best of me. (I may talk a little more about that in a later post.)
But for now, there is plenty to do, and while I may not be able to run the kiln just yet, I'm able to shift and focus on the work that needs to be done. I wanted to post an update about the kiln and where I'm at....when life puts up a roadblock, there is always a way around it....don't let it stop you.

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